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Dixie Does Dublin (Daytrips Down Memory Lane)

I'm from Dublin. I was born, bred and buttered here as they say, raised on the north side just a couple of miles from the city centre so being in Dublin is just... being home. You'll have to forgive my romantic, soppy and sometimes rose tinted view of our nations capital for most of my… Continue reading Dixie Does Dublin (Daytrips Down Memory Lane)

#VisitIreland, Campervan, ConversionVan, Full-time Vanlife, Stuff, Travel

In Search of the Family Tree

Anyone remember the year 1999? Mambo Number 5 had hijacked the airwaves, the internet was still a relatively new and exciting invention and the whole world was gripped in Y2K panic, fearing the end of life as we know it was nigh because computer programs might not understand or be capable of interpreting the number… Continue reading In Search of the Family Tree