About The Backwards Van

She: Elizabeth, 38 from Dublin, Ireland, small but quick, peeler of oranges, roller of cigarettes, head of entertainment, navigation and device charging manager. Non driver, non meat eater, wanna-be writer, dreamer, mother of one human (currently aged 18) and friend of the planet. Favourite things are not things but places including Donegal, Barra and Yorkshire so far. Hiker, hill walker, hummer, hot water bottle fan and sometimes unnecessarily scardy-cat. Things on To Do list include seeing as much of our country of Ireland as possible, going up in a hot air balloon and improving ukelele skills and voice. Enjoys owning as little as possible and spending similarily. Avid Non selfie taker, huge exception was made for the below:



He: William. Coming soon. (I mean, he’s here, right beside me, but his bio is coming soon)