90 Days Across The Irish Sea

At The Christmas Market in Edinburgh

As W.E. (William & Elizabeth) sit on the 11:30pm ferry from Cairnryan, Scotland to Belfast in Northern Ireland, W.E. are reminiscing on our 3 amazing months wildcamping in Wales, England and Scotland, and have broken it all down for you into numbers:

-90 sunrises and sunsets
-82 different morning views
-5000+ miles
-2 minor medical incidents
-250+ pots of coffee
-14 diesel stops
-1 racist fisherman
-10,000+ photographs taken
-6 7kg bottles of butane
-3 arguments
-5 trips to the laundrette
-2 ferry rides across the Irish Sea
-Countless museums, landmarks & sights seen
-£0 overnight parking costs
-1 case of gender misidentification
-2 new tyres
-£0 road tolls
-50+ ukelele songs learned
-2 incidents with the police
-1 wildlife fatality
-1,000+ lessons learned

The best part of these 3 months for both of us has been time. Having time, owning your own
time and living so close with nature. Staying up to watch the sunrise, deciding what to do that day on a whim, being in control of our direction and planning routes, maps and maps and maps….

Somebody asked if we are going back to ‘normal life’ now. No way, living in Dixie makes sense, it IS normal now. Vanstitutionalised? Maybe. And Ireland has just as much to offer us and just as many stunning views for the rest of December. In the New Year we’ll figure out our next plan….

Sad to say goodbye to this landmass and all the lovely people we’ve met along the way 😞💔 We’ve had such a fantastic time, We WILL be back….. 🚐😊☘

Thank you Teresa and her family, Abbie, Dave, Geordy Paul, Rossi, Stacey, Alexandra & Julian, Anne & Christian, Annie from Ramsgate, Danny from Bournemouth, Claire & Marco in Linlithgow and every one we’ve forgotten to list for your hospitality 😊 Dixie appreciates you all 😙🚐

England, Scotland & Wales, W.E. ❤ you

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