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In Search of the Family Tree

Anyone remember the year 1999? Mambo Number 5 had hijacked the airwaves, the internet was still a relatively new and exciting invention and the whole world was gripped in Y2K panic, fearing the end of life as we know it was nigh because computer programs might not understand or be capable of interpreting the number… Continue reading In Search of the Family Tree


Moving Back In (or, #Vanlife: The Essentials)

Counting our belongings back into Dixie after her cosmetic facelift is a great opportunity to reduce, reevaluate and reorganize our things. I was struck by the volume of soft furnishings we had accumulated and therefore had to remove from the van before we started work, it turns out most of the things we own serve… Continue reading Moving Back In (or, #Vanlife: The Essentials)

Dixie the Ducato

Sealing the Ceiling no more… let’s just call it Day 4!

Let's stop calling this renovation that ceiling related name now that it has grown so much bigger ok? Ok. 😊 Day 4 was warm and bright. After late breakfast (and another sad goodbye to the uni-bound offspring ) we set out with shopping list in hand to pick up what hopefully was the last of… Continue reading Sealing the Ceiling no more… let’s just call it Day 4!

Dixie the Ducato

Sealing the Ceiling – Day 3

Look at where we have found ourselves on the morning of Day 3, Dixies walls were gleaming brightly. With rain forecasted for most of the day and grey clouds hanging over Dublin we had limited time to finish the painting and air the place out well before it got dark. Luckily both colours dried well… Continue reading Sealing the Ceiling – Day 3

Dixie the Ducato

Sealing the Ceiling – Day 2

Here is where we left you yesterday, remember?! Dixies walls, roof and doors were carefully painted with 2 coats of sealant and left to dry overnight. All the problem areas, the damp and dark wood you saw yesterday drank at least 3-4 coats and some of the cream metalwork on the door got a little… Continue reading Sealing the Ceiling – Day 2

Dixie the Ducato

Sealing the Ceiling – Day 1

After living and travelling fulltime in the van for almost 7 months now, we have begun to understand what is important for us to own and to have on hand and easily accessible to us everyday. Storage space is at a premium in here and must be considered wisely, that means we often employ a… Continue reading Sealing the Ceiling – Day 1

Mind Matters

Stories of Stones (A Photo Gallery)

*This post was assembled in November 2017, during our 3rd month living in Dixie, our 2nd month on the road in England* Neolithic sites, Iron Age forts, any kind of Dolmen, standing stone or stone circle, or other artefacts or remnants of ancient civilisations attract us. Stones in particular have so many stories, fables and… Continue reading Stories of Stones (A Photo Gallery)

Life on the Road

Thanks for the Tea (Thoughts After 5 Months)

Recently, we have both been lucky enough to spend a bit of time with our families. "Going home" always means Mammies house, and whether its in Mayo or Dublin, Mammies house always means noisy kitchens, lots of great food and hours of chatting, catching up long into the night. Its been a lot of fun… Continue reading Thanks for the Tea (Thoughts After 5 Months)

Mind Matters

Living, Not Surviving (or, This Is Not A Test)

Stranger: "So how far are you going to take this thing?" Us: "We don't know...... Greece?" Unfortunately for him, W.E. (William and Elizabeth) misunderstood his question. We've had a lot of visitors to Dixie by now, and we have visited a lot of our friends at their houses, sometimes for a few hours and sometimes… Continue reading Living, Not Surviving (or, This Is Not A Test)

Life on the Road

Thoughts after Two Months

  It's been 2 months since Dixie and her 3 giddy passengers first boarded the 2am ferry from Dublin Port to Holyhead, Wales. What was originally supposed to be a quick round trip to York and back, to A) drop the offspring to university, B) test out the engine, and C) test the adquecy of… Continue reading Thoughts after Two Months