Moving Back In (or, #Vanlife: The Essentials)

Counting our belongings back into Dixie after her cosmetic facelift is a great opportunity to reduce, reevaluate and reorganize our things. I was struck by the volume of soft furnishings we had accumulated and therefore had to remove from the van before we started work, it turns out most of the things we own serve… Continue reading Moving Back In (or, #Vanlife: The Essentials)

Unconventional Oven

The Unconventional Oven: Easy Campfire Bannock Recipe

What is better than Pancakes on Pancake Tuesday? Vanakes on Vancake Tuesday! But what is even better again is weather mild enough to enjoy cooking outdoors. We were lucky this year, on Sandeel Beach on the Hook Peninsula, County Wexford in February the sun cooperated fully and the day was fresh and bright. William whipped… Continue reading The Unconventional Oven: Easy Campfire Bannock Recipe


Boycotts, Bog Holes and Booleying (or, The Start of the Affair)

Achill (pronounced Ack-ill) Island, Irelands biggest island, tethered to the mainland of County Mayo by a single bridge, is almost as westerly as one can get without falling off the country altogether. We drove in from the Mullet Peninsula on Monday afternoon, a lazy, winding route that took us leisurely along the stunning Wild Atlantic… Continue reading Boycotts, Bog Holes and Booleying (or, The Start of the Affair)

Life on the Road

Thanks for the Tea (Thoughts After 5 Months)

Recently, we have both been lucky enough to spend a bit of time with our families. "Going home" always means Mammies house, and whether its in Mayo or Dublin, Mammies house always means noisy kitchens, lots of great food and hours of chatting, catching up long into the night. Its been a lot of fun… Continue reading Thanks for the Tea (Thoughts After 5 Months)

Mind Matters

Living, Not Surviving (or, This Is Not A Test)

Stranger: "So how far are you going to take this thing?" Us: "We don't know...... Greece?" Unfortunately for him, W.E. (William and Elizabeth) misunderstood his question. We've had a lot of visitors to Dixie by now, and we have visited a lot of our friends at their houses, sometimes for a few hours and sometimes… Continue reading Living, Not Surviving (or, This Is Not A Test)


90 Days Across The Irish Sea

As W.E. (William & Elizabeth) sit on the 11:30pm ferry from Cairnryan, Scotland to Belfast in Northern Ireland, W.E. are reminiscing on our 3 amazing months wildcamping in Wales, England and Scotland, and have broken it all down for you into numbers: -90 sunrises and sunsets -82 different morning views -5000+ miles -2 minor medical… Continue reading 90 Days Across The Irish Sea


The Outer Trial (And the Inner Tribulations)

Sometimes things inside Dixie, as in life in general, don't go quite as well as we (William and Elizabeth) had planned. Although we do have a comprehensive checklist (and a still-funny-to-us Ryanair-style cabin crew impression) to complete before we "take off", and extra special care is always taken when expected to be on the road… Continue reading The Outer Trial (And the Inner Tribulations)

Life on the Road

Thoughts after Two Months

  It's been 2 months since Dixie and her 3 giddy passengers first boarded the 2am ferry from Dublin Port to Holyhead, Wales. What was originally supposed to be a quick round trip to York and back, to A) drop the offspring to university, B) test out the engine, and C) test the adquecy of… Continue reading Thoughts after Two Months

Mind Matters

Follow us on Facebook!

There were originally grand plans of updating this blog with every place we stayed, that would be very difficult as we often stay out of telephone and internet signals way, but we do update almost daily on Facebook, if you'd like to "like" and "follow". Thank you to everyone reading our blog and for… Continue reading Follow us on Facebook!

Life on the Road

Home is where we park it

Rolling into a new town / field / site/ situation every day takes a certain amount of planning. We (William & Elizabeth) need to identify an area to park which meets our needs; Dixie prefers a flat surface (no falling out of bed thanks), on public land, a safe, quiet spot preferably not near a… Continue reading Home is where we park it