Life on the Road

Water, water everywhere…

“How’s your plumbing?” A rather impolite question maybe, but one W.E. hear all the time. 7 weeks living in Dixie now and water has not been hard to find. Dixie is fitted with a stainless steel water cargo tank which carries 350 gallons for showering, drinking and cleaning. We get about 4 days from a full tank, that’s about 8 showers, all the dishes and more cups of tea and coffee than we can count! One item which has paid for itself immediately, our drinking water filter.

£13 & I’ll make ANYTHING safe to drink!

Reusable water bottles and this filter save us money daily. No need to filter the water for hot water bottles, or washing dishes in our collapsible sink!

€4.99 from Lidl, but don’t put sharp knives in here!

A little meter inside above the cabin shows the current water level and helps us plan our days ahead.

Uh-oh, almost dry….

We fill Dixie up from the station tap every time we stop for diesel. It takes about 20 minutes to fill completely, which leaves us plenty of time to use the other facilites available (like the bin and the bathroom!)

Dixie takes a drink while W.E. wait

Dixie also boasts a grey water tank underneath which holds about 200 gallons. Grey water is just waste water from our kitchen sink and shower, and can be let out safely into a drain regularly.

So far, so good for Dixie, but as Bob says, we won’t miss the water until the well runs dry. Fingers crossed we are just a short drive away from a services stop when it does!

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