A Vans Best Friend (or, If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit)

Living in such a small space means that every item is useful, and every item is used. It also means every item must be put back in its carefully thought-out place AFTER use. Imagine you had ALL of your belongings in your cubicle with you every day, every single book, every jacket and t-shirt, every ornament and piece of junk, and every pair of shoes, including the ones that you’ll never wear again but you keep… because “maybe”? (W.E.’ll come back to that later) So imagine your whole life, AND you, in your cubicle, and now imagine your cubicle moved around between 60-70 miles an hour, meandering down motorways and swinging carelessly around roundabouts… you get what I mean. “If it’s not tied down, it will move around” is an old saying amongst van-dwellers that I just made up. It’s pretty accurate though. The humble bungee cord is a vans best friend.

In Cord W.E. Trust!

The cord keeps everything tied down. And when we stop for a while it keeps everything hung up. We even bungee the sink to hang from the roof when we wash the dishes. Magic!

Bungee cord, curtain rail, washing line, W.E. decide!

We never thought we’d add a simple bungee cord to our alltime must-have items list but there you have it. We are really only limited by our imaginations.


(About those shoes, what “maybe” are you waiting for? “Maybe” you’ll wake up and your feet will be a half a size smaller? Thats never going to happen. Sell, consign, donate, read about #minimalism and reduce. Much less “stuff” to tie down too, when life starts moving 😊 )


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