Money Matters

Stealth = Wealth


3 weeks on the road, from County Cork to Connemara, Roscommon to Cong and Dublin to Durham across the Irish Sea. Dixie has taken us about 3,000 miles. So far our overnight fees are €0. Stealth Camping in public places is not illegal, and as long as we are parked up properly (preferably on a flat-ish surface) and stay quiet, we won’t have any trouble. Blocking any light from the two porthole windows is easy with a scrap of insulation. Dixie is well insulated against noise, and incredibly easy to heat up at night before bed with either a hot shower, a blast from the gas heater or just boiling the kettle for tea!


TV is not important, except when it’s raining out and its the Simpsons on! All our devices charge as we drive via the leisure battery. As far as tolls and ferry tickets are concerned, Dixie is considered a van, not a camper, which is cheaper by far. Sat Nav directs us away from tolls anyway! Life is cheap and cheerful right now. Long may that last!

20170924_160702.jpgWe are confident we made the right choice with a stealth van. Campers are great but why attract attention and limit ourselves and pay to overnight when we can park up in a city centre instead?

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